Monday, February 1, 2016

New TV Sitcom "Gervais" to Hit Screens

Ricky Gervais is paying homage to the hit show Seinfeld by bringing out his own version. He loves the show so much that he is emulating its "White Glove" approach to comedy. He said that this project provides the challenge he has been seeking for some time now. Don't expect any swearing in his new show.

The Gervais pilot will be aired this Fall on HOB. "It will be fantastic," he says, " It's set in London and not New York but there are similarities. Karl Pilkington will be playing the Kramer character who drops in every now and then for a mindless chat and to give me advice on DIY." Ricky wants Ashley Jensen from Extras to play the Elaine character on the show.

Gervais, the TV and film producer, director, actor, writer and stand-up comedian who is often described as a one-trick pony, says that he is really excited about his new project.

"In this new show, Steven Merchant and myself are struggling comedy writers," says Gervais, "I play a stand-up comedian, but Steve has plenty of different jobs, just like George Costanza."

He says that in the show hilarious things will be happening to him, Steve and Karl all the time, but when their characters try to write comedy, they can't think of anything funny.

When I asked him if he thinks Karl will be OK in the show, he just stroked his beard and said with a wink, "Yeah, he might find acting like a buffoon a real challenge."

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