Friday, July 1, 2016

Christopher Walken Voices Anger

Christopher Walken poured out his heart to me yesterday as he revealed that impersonators are ruining his life. In this exclusive interview, we examine the bad impression that impersonators have left on him.

"Walken in Pensive Mood"

(Painting by David Grant)

He told me how upsetting things have become recently.

He said, "To illustrate, the other day I was listening to the voice messages on my phone. One of them was my voice reminding myself to get some more dawg food. I was in the local store for an hour before I remembered - hey I don't have a dawg. It's craazy."

I asked him that apart from other people leaving him reminders in his own voice, what else was happening?

He said, "No one believes that it's me when I call them. I mean, I could be dying of a heart attack, but if I rang 911, all I would hear would be laughter."

I asked him what he thought of impressionists like Jay Mohr and Kevin Pollak.

"I count them as two of my closest friends. I have to get Jay to call my agent for me sometimes as he has the only voice that she believes is genuine. Kevin helped me recently by driving me home when I was straanded."

"I too ... wish to ask you a question. Do you think it's funny that people mimic me all the time?" He was pleased when I assured him that I take a dim view of people mocking celebrities.

I finished the interview by suggesting that a new law making vocal fraud illegal would help. "That's a great idea ... WOW!" he said.

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